About DiaCarta

DiaCarta is a molecular diagnostics company that has developed innovative technologies that transform patient care by providing effective precision diagnostics using liquid biopsy. Well positioned as a leader in the emerging liquid biopsy field with its high-precision detection of cell free DNA, its novel XNA technology provides a high level of sensitivity as it clamps the wild-type sequence and amplifies the mutant target sequence.

The DiaCarta Clinical Laboratory that is certified by CLIA offers the following testing services as FDA EUA approved or Laboratory Developed Tests.

  • FDA EUA approved QuantiVirus™ SARS-CoV-2 Tests
  • Single-gene QClamp® qPCR tests -EGFR,KRAS,BRAF,NRAS,PIK3CA,C-KIT *
  • OptiSeq™ PanCancer 65 Gene Panel *
  • OptiSeq™ Colorectal Cancer NGS Panel*
  • ColoScape™ – Colon Cancer Testing**
  • RadTox™ cfDNA Radiation Response Test**
  • Oncuria® Test **
* For research use only (RUO)
*Lab developed test (LDT)