What is ColoScape ?

ColoScapeTM Colorectal Cancer Mutation Test is a blood test that is used to identify commonly occurring genetic mutations in colorectal cancer. It requires a simple blood draw, no need for invasive tissue samples or collecting stool.

What is ColoScape for ?

ColoScapeTM is intended for the detection of the genetic mutations most commonly associated with Colorectal cancer and advanced adenomas with high sensitivity and specificity to those lesions without invasive procedures.

Type of the specimen used : Blood sample

How does my report look like ?

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What does a Positive result mean ?

Positive results will indicate that you have one or more genetic mutation that could be possibly linked to advanced adenomas or colorectal cancer and we highly recommend you to seek advice from your health care provider who might warrant further testing.

Performance of the test

Clinical studies demonstrate that the test is 100% specific and 62% sensitive to diagnose precancerous lesions

Price of the test : $450.00

How to order the test

A blood sample is required to run the test.

Order the Test Kit

Once the test kit is received you have two options

Ask your health care provider

  • Order the sample collection kit (link to the kit order form)
  • Print the requisition paper ( PDF file of the Req form)
  • Print the Health care provider’s guide
  • Visit your health care provider and have him/her fill out the Test Requisition Form 
  • Get your blood drawn using the kit received from Diacarta and follow the shipping instruction

Or speak to Telehealth medicine online

If they are qualified for the test then should be instruction

“ Take your blood sample collection kit to the nearest blood draw center. Please enter your zip code to find a location near you”

The test is not approved by the US FDA but is available as a Lab developed test.*